Business Insights

What makes you different?

Discover the things that your company really is really good at, and you'll know exactly what it is that keeps your customers coming back for more!

Discover Your Unique Business Strengths



More than the usual SWAT analysis, this version lays the foundation for your differentiation blueprint. We'll use this analysis to uncover the areas in which your company excels and what makes it different from the competition. Of course, we'll also discover what aspects you should absolutely avoid!.

strategy sessions


How do you create a (new) market space that fits your organisation and your vision perfectly? And how do you do that profitably? We'll lay out the possibilites, and their consequences, to help you make real business choices.

CF business models


Are you still making money with your current business model? Are you selling too little for the costs required? Is your company's continuity threatened? There are two things you can do about that: lower your costs or raise your revenues. Preferably both, of course. So where are the best opportunites for doing that?

What People Say

"Her analyses helped us transform with a specific focus for the future of our organisation."

managing director, foundation for coach certification

"A professional in heart and soul, with an especially good analytical eye and ability to provide solutions for situational-specific problems"

senior healthcare management advisor and interim director

How can I help you?

Projects & Advice

Research, analysis, advice and implementation – all specifically geared to your company and your customers. (No cookie-cutter reports here!)

Strategy Sessions

A combination of master class and brainstorm session that brings together diverse groups and team members to seek out the best ideas.

Sparring Partner

Sparring partner, mentor, business coach, whatever you want to call it, it’s objective and professional business advice as and when you need it.