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NEW: A Collection of Decorative Items to Make the Most of Your Unique Business Brand!

Over the years, I have given lots of advice to clients about how to make their business more unique and atttractive to customers. And many of you who have known me for a long time, also know that I have a keen interest in design and creativity. So now I am proud to be able to announce that I am fulfilling a longtime dream of mine by offering unique decorative items to help spice up your store, rooms, restaurant, offices, etcetera!

My plan is to bring you custom decorative items that communicate your company's unique style and culture to your customers..The whole collection will be going online soon, but let me share a few of the ideas I have been working on these last few weeks.

Custom Posters in Custom Colors

Starting with a few graphic designs for art posters to create something fun and colorful for your customers to see. Everything is available in your own logo and business branding colors.

Or, of course, if you like what you see but you are looking for something different, feel free to contact me to talk about custom designs. I would love to help imagine a visual representation that fits your business culture to a tee. (My specialty!)

Below is a tiny taste of what's to come. Loads more designs will be added over the next few weeks!!

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All of the posters shown are available in limited editions. Posters are available in sizes A4, A3 and Poster (60x90 cm). Prints in custom logo colors are available on request.

For inquiries -
e: info [at] rietconsulting.com
t: (+31) 06-51151982!

Fashion Boutique

Cat Lady poster

Cat Lady

Hat, bag and shoes in ferocious big-cat prints - details from the Cat Lady poster designs

Lady in Red poster

Lady in Red

Hat, bag and shoes in red Annie-Hall 70s style - details from the Lady in Red poster designs

Pink Lady poster

Pink Lady

Hat, bag and shoes in a sweet cocktail of lady-like pink - details from the Pink Lady poster designs

Candy & Ice Cream Shoppe

Three hearts

Three Hearts

Sweet pink hearts, all in a row

Pile of pink hearts

Pile of Hearts

So much love!

Sweethearts twist

Sweethearts Twist

Sweetness goes 'round and 'round

General Retail

Love to Shop 1

Love to Shop 1

Available as a poster or bag design

Love to Shop 2

Love to Shop 2

Available as a poster or bag design

Love to Shop 3

Love to Shop 3

Available as a poster or bag design

Decorative Motifs

Blue & green paisley

Multicolor Paisley

Available in custom colors

Red heart string

Heart String

Available in custom colors

Coming soon!


t: (+31) 06-51151982
e: info @  rietconsulting.com