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Unique Culture

Make it personal!

Combine customer insights with business insights to make your company amazing and unique, and effortlessly differentiate yourself from the competition. Make it personal and give your customers something to be happy about!

Show Off Your Culture to Differentiate Your Business!



It is exactly the fun, positive experience that makes customers remember you best, and prompts them to recommend your business to others. What can you do to make that experience even more positive and even, dare we say, exciting?

strategy sessions


Your customers' positive experiences become more interesting when the entire business culture is centered around projecting a persona that's very attractive to your ideal customer, and every single detail fits.

This is the common thread running through all your decisions, from business and product development to training staff.

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Your business culture becomes even more effective when you make sure the visual communication also perfectly supports the overall image you want to project. The days when you could fill a simple space with goods for sale are long gone, if they ever even existed, that is. The challenge today:How to keep customers in the store as long as possible? With the right kind of atmosphere, of course!

NEW: Personalize Your Space!

decorative design

After years of advising all sorts of organisations on how to make their business more interesting, appealing and, hopefully, exciting to their clients and customers, I recently decided it was time to fulfill a lifelong dream of mine.

Anyone who's known me for any length of time, knows I've always been keenly interested in design and decoration.

So I'm finally putting the hobby to work!

Now you commission fun and colorful decorative artworks to personalize your shop, café, hotel and offices and make your customers, guests and clients feel at home. Visit the decorative design page for ideas and inspiration!

How can I help you?

Projects & Advice

Research, analysis, advice and implementation – all specifically geared to your company and your customers. (No cookie-cutter reports here!)

Strategy Sessions

A combination of master class and brainstorm session that brings together diverse groups and team members to seek out the best ideas.

Sparring Partner

Sparring partner, mentor, business coach, whatever you want to call it, it’s objective and professional business advice as and when you need it.