customer insights

Customer Insights

What makes your customers tick?

If you really want to offer something different from your competition, you first need to fully understand what your customers think is important. And if you really want to know what your customers want, you have to dare to go further than a questionnaire!

Discover How Your Customers Really Think



If you want real insights into what your customers are thinking, you need to have a conversation! See them in their own habitat, watch what the do with your product in real life. And since it can be difficult for a company to get the real answers, sometimes it's simply better to have an objective third party to do the asking. (Yes, customers often reveal more to strangers than they will to you.)

strategy sessions


Want to understand what your ideal customers go through during the buying process? And where you might be able to jump in sooner and fill a gap? Mapping out their entire journey helps you to better understand the reasoning behind their choices, and gives you insights into how you can ensure your company is - and remains - their journey's destination!

on call


Analysis and advice for complaint reduction, defining service strategies, and increasing retention. Trying to be everything to everybody makes you nothing to nobody, so it's a good idea to first define the ideal customer and what they are looking for from you. And if you want to find potential diamond clients in the rough, there's a sales analysis to help you discover them!

What people say:

"You always have such great advice about how to adjust my services to meet my clients' needs better!"

owner, fashion business

"We found the session [defining our ideal klant] to be very useful. Our work is now much more focused."

owners, catering start-up

How can I help you?

Projects & Advice

Research, analysis, advice and implementation - all specifically geared to your company and your customers. (No cookie-cutter reports here!)

Strategy Sessions

A combination of master class and brainstorm session that brings together diverse groups and team members to seek out the best ideas.

Sparring Partner

Sparring partner, mentor, business coach, whatever you want to call it, it’s objective and professional business advice as and when you need it.