Customer Experience Design

Ideas for delighting your customers

Making it irresistible

Treat your customers to an absolutely irresistible experience! Thrill them with a full-on sensory immersion into your amazing culture!

Sounds crazy? I promise it isn't!

If you want enthusiastic customers who will help your business thrive and grow by coming back again and again, buying more, telling their friends, posting rave reviews, and all that other stuff real fans of your business do, you have to do something just a little bit beyond putting out a product and standing with a cash register next to it. You’ve got to entertain them, make them feel something, get them excited, make it an experience to remember. And like an addiction, if it makes you feel good, you want more of it. (I’m talking good, healthy addictions here, not the kind that take over and ruin your life. Those are bad. You’ll want to avoid that.)

Riet Business Consulting can help with the design and development of extraordinary customer experiences that tie in with the business culture and brand personality.

Make it extraordinary

Fans expect entertainment. They want to feel something, get excited about something, have an experience to remember. And if it makes them feel good, they want more of it.

If you want to be irresistible, all you really have to do is something amazing.

That something actually doesn’t have to be surprising amazing, contrary to popular opinion. It just has to be a full sensory immersion where every single thing you do reflects your culture and your passion. A compelling, passionate story and a consistently authentic experience are what keep your fans wanting more.