Getting To the 'Why' Behind the Data

Big data. It’s everywhere. If you don’t have it, you’re missing the boat, they say. That’s all well and good, but the rush to get every business out there to gather as much random data as possible is also kind of missing the point. What are you going to do with all that data once you’ve got it? And what does it really mean, anyway? Unless you know what’s going on behind all of that data, even if your data happens to be little instead of big, it’s going to be pretty difficult to actually make any use of it.

The trick is to get the ‘why’ behind all of that data. Let’s say the data is telling you that your marketing campaign isn’t doing well in certain markets and sales are lagging behind. Ok, but you still need to know why that is if you want to be able to fix it. If your data is telling you that customers are looking online on Tuesdays and coming into stores on Fridays, you need to figure out why the items they are looking at are not selling like hotcakes. Or if you are having a hard time getting your percentage of repeat customers to go up, then you really should be taking a real, honest look at why they don’t come back. Unless you understand the ‘why,’ you are just spinning your wheels. And eventually you will run out of gas before you ever even hit the road.

Of course, understanding why doesn’t just help you figure out how to solve problems. It’s also extremely useful when you are looking for ways to grow and move the business forward. Understanding why can help take most of the hit-or-miss out of your decision-making. You can’t grow your business by doing more of what works if you don’t fully understand why it works in the first place.

Darla van de Riet is an expert at helping her clients figure out the ‘why’ behind their data. Using qualitative analyse and in-depth research and interview methods, she can help you get to the real root of a problem and find the source of why some things work and other things don’t. As a consultant with a broad range of experience, she specialises in getting to a deeper, and yet still objective, understanding of your business, and not only from your perspective as the owner, but from the customer’s perspective as well. Research shows that customers are willing to give more honest and extensive feedback when talking to a neutral third party than they are when asked to fill out a questionnaire. If you want to get to the real, actionable answers behind that customer satisfaction KPI score, you have to drill down to the ‘why’ behind the data. And Darla van de Riet is just the person to help you do that.

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