Strategy Sessions

Brainstorm and master class

Focus on extraordinary strategy

Darla van de Riet is a professional at facilitating inspiration and idea sessions, helping participants to contribute useful insights as well as bringing her own valuable experience and expertise in business management and customer focus to the table.

The result is a combination of brainstorm and masterclass that delivers practical results you can start to implement immediately.

Sessions can be booked for half or whole days.

Following each session, you will receive a summary of the topics covered and the resulting ideas and plans which you can use as a handy reference for staying focused and moving forward.

"Darla helped us in a relaxed atmosphere to gain insights into the different possibilities for our organisation. Where the opportunities are, where the risks are. With her analysis, we were able to develop further with a solid focus on the future."
-Robbert Janssen, Registered HR Professional & Expert-by-Experience Director at CCZW

Customer Strategy


Who is our ideal customer, and why? What needs do they have and how can we fulfil them? What is important to them? This session is designed to help you find answers to these and other questions about your ideal customer or buyer persona.

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Value Strategy


What do our customers value most, and what makes them really happy? And what do we do exceptionally well, much better than any competitor out there? But do these two things line up? If we know where to focus our attention, then we also know what we can ignore. This session is designed to help you find answers to the question of what the real strenght of your organisation - from the customers' perspective.

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Culture Strategy


Competition is brutal out there; what can we do to set ourselves apart? What can we do that will make our customers like us more and identify with our brand? How can we make our business more interesting and exciting so that customers talk about us and recommend us to other people? This session is designed to help you answer these and other questions about how to build an authentic culture within your business.

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